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Kartemeister web-site, a German genealogy database 62,557 locations east of the rivers Oder and Niesse.


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Filip Sulimierski, Boleslaw Chlebowski, & Wladyslaw Walewski (editors), SLOWNIK GEOGRAFICZNY KROLESTWA POLSKIEGO I INNYCH KRAJOW SLOWIANSKICH [Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Poland and the other Slavonic Lands]," 15 vol. (14 +supplement), Warsaw, 1880-1902, reprinted Warsaw, 1975-77.  

-In Polish, but relatively easy to use for non-Polish readers with this key to standard abbreviations.  

Available at major reference libraries, including at the present time at the Library of the University of Warsaw. 


Can be ordered on microfilm at LDS Family History Centers. Currently available on CD-ROM from the Polish Genealogical Society of America.